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I’m Gary Adrian Randall, the artist who hand illustrated Enter the Reveries with my business partner/ bestie, Jason Moriarty. Our original goal was to create a small mobile game to share my art.


That was 5 years ago. In that time, we fought trademark issues & developer abandonment. We learned 10+ new programs. We raised over $50,000 in funding.


Both of Jason’s parent’s fought life threatening illnesses. I left NYC to live with my mother Joyce while she battled cancer, inspiring the main antagonist of the game, The Melancholy. After she died, I traveled abroad to heal, while Jason kept things running.


And all the while we never stopped working on the game


Enter the Reveries is more than just a mobile game to us. It’s a truly unique creation, made possible because of our 17 + year friendship.


We created this game because I wanted to find a way to make money with my art while I’m still alive.


Together with Apple, we will extend that dream to other indie artists all over the world.

Jason and Gary at Gaymer X East, in 2015 LOL



Enter the Reveries is a side-scrolling platformer mobile game. It is unique because it combines the simple, one touch game mechanic of most mobile games with the characters, storylines, & mythos of a console game.


The entire game is hand illustrated by one artist in 8 different art styles, including paper doll, pixel, photographics, textures, vector, comic book, tattoo art, & watercolor.


Eight featurette videos bring the story to life.


Eighty-five pages of storyline are accessible through 100+ unlockable clowncards.


Twenty-four colorful reveries are available to dress up your favorite characters.


Five relics boost you through the levels, for a price of course.


In the future, other indie artists will create new DLC levels for a profit percentage. That way the mobile game becomes a platform to give starving artists worldwide exposure, and feed them, to boot.


Together with Apple, we can create a new genre of mobile games, as a platform for interactive art.


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