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Thank you for your interest in Enter the Reveries, the upcoming indie mobile game from Seagull Fish Entertainment.

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Facts & Stats

The Game

Enter the Reveries is a new groundbreaking side-scrolling mobile game that is hand-illustrated in eight distinct art styles by one artist. It is both a modern mobile gaming experience, and a totally cutesy way to pass the time. An innovative blend of art and technology. A breath of fresh air.

Guide eight characters (clumsies), through 24 gorgeous stages, customize your clumsies with 32 ravishing Reveries, and use ancient Relics for a boost along the way. Accomplish all of that, and you will unlock over 100 collectible clowncards, which reveal all the secrets and mythology of Clowntown; because in Clowntown nothing is what it seems.

Eight featured animations weave together the storyline to create a trippy visual spectacle with a plethora of eye-popping art styles to ensure that your eyes will never get bored.

A simple one-touch gameplay mechanic makes Enter the Reveries easily adoptable for the casual gamer, but the characters, storylines, and mythology provide hours of entertainment for those that wish to go deeper.

And please, go deep-we’re okay with it.

Enter the Reveries. Enter them all.

But do it soon. For The Melancholy is spreading through Clowntown as we speak, and if you don’t intervene, the plague of sadness will devour us all.


The Company

SEAGULL FISH ENTERTAINMENT is an independent mobile game developer based in New York City. Founded by best friends Gary Randall and Jason Moriarty in 2014, Seagull Fish is proud to be LGBTQ+ owned and operated.

Seagull Fish games are different because they are hand-illustrated in a myriad of art styles, and expansive, meaning they never end. The company was created to change the face of the mobile game industry, and provide visual artists with a platform to share and sell their art, by making it interactive.

Enter the Reveries is the first game by the dynamic best-friend duo, but there are several other games planned, each in it's own unique artistic style, featuring different artists from all over the world. Each will bring the characters, mythology, and artwork you would traditionally expect from a console game, to the mobile gaming space.

Legitimizing the mobile game as a platform for artists everywhere.


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Thanks again for your interest in Enter the Reveries. We hope you got everything you need!

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